Asia’s Longest River, the Yangtze

Guest: Art Bernstein Art Bernstein, MS (Gold Hill, OR), writer and naturalist. “China’s Amazing Yangtze River – Longest River in Asia” Naturalist and author Art Bernstein came by (for the … Continue Reading →

Herbal Medicine and Alternative Healing

Guest: Jen Ambrose Sharon introduced her first guest, Jen Ambrose, owner of the Herb Shop in Grants Pass, Oregon. Jen is also an organic farmer and natural healing educator. In … Continue Reading →

Patent-Based Business Strategy

Guest: Robert Cantrell Robert Cantrell (Alexandria, VA), business writer and shark photographer. “Outpacing the Competition: Patent-Based Business Strategy” Robert Cantrell is a stockbroker, financier and author of “Outpacing the Competition: … Continue Reading →

Photographing Endangered Sharks

Guest: Robert Cantrell Robert Cantrell (Alexandria, VA), business writer and shark photographer. “Endangered Sharks Worldwide” Mr. Cantrell then turned to his favorite subject, endangered sharks of the world. He said … Continue Reading →

Environmental Products and “Greenopia”

Guest: Gay Browne Gay Browne (Santa Barbara, CA), Greenopia, “Maintaining a Green Lifestyle through the Greenopia Website” Gay Brown is with the website that promotes and advertises environmentally safe … Continue Reading →

Water for Life

Guest: Lynn Hardin Lynn Hardin (Oklahoma City, OK), Integrated Solutions, Inc., “Dr. Emoto and the International Water for Life Foundation” Lynn Hardin has been involved with Dr. Emoto and the … Continue Reading →

The Warm Springs at Berkeley Springs

Guest: Jeanne Mosier Jeanne Mosier (Berkley Springs, WV), Travel Berkeley Springs. “History and Health Benefits of Berkeley Springs” The second guest was Jeanne Mosier, also of Berkeley Springs, WV. Jeanne … Continue Reading →

The Berkeley Springs, WV, International Water Tasting Festival

Guest: Jill Klein Jill Klein (Berkley Springs, WV), Producer of the International Water Tasting Festival. “Raising Water Awareness through Festival and Theater” Jill Klein is producer of the International Water … Continue Reading →

Water Quality and Healthy Living

Guest: Arthur Von Weisenberger Arthur Von Weisenberger (Santa Barbara, CA), author of,”H20 Guide to Water Quality” The first guest, Arthur Von Weisenberger, is an expert in water tasting and author … Continue Reading →

How Water Shaped Yosemite

Guest: Scott Gediman Scott Gediman (Yosemite, CA), Yosemite National Park, “Water’s Effects on the Yosemite Environment” Scott Gediman, the second guest, talked about California’s Yosemite National Park, where he works … Continue Reading →