30-Year Flight Attendant Talks about Low Humidity Airline Cabins, Dry Eye and Jet Lag

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water Interviews Flight Attendant Chris Smith about Cabin Humidity, Dry Air, Dry Eyes and the Need for Extra Water During Airline Travel Sharon Kleyne, host … Continue Reading →

June 18, 2007 Guest Summary

Chris Smith (Greenback, TN), flight attendant for 33 years”Low Humidity, Crowding and Re-Circulated Air Can Dry Out Skin and Eyes During Airline Travel” Jack Potter (West Glacier, MT), Glacier National … Continue Reading →

June 11, 2007 Guest Summary

Louise Hoelker (Cincinnati, OH), of the Cincinnati Shriners Hospital Burn Center”The Shriners Nationwide System of No-Cost Pediatric Burn Centers – Also, Education on Pediatric Burn Prevention” Art Bernstein (Gold Hill, … Continue Reading →

June 4, 2007 Guest Summary

Employees at Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies (Grants Pass, OR)”What People Believe about Global Warming” Dominick Cardia (Maui, HA), Information Officer, Haleakala National Park”Haleakala – a Unique Ecosystem at 10,000 Feet, Surrounded … Continue Reading →